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Irinox was founded in Corbanese (Treviso, Italy) in 1989 and is known all over the world as the leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers. As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high-quality food preservation in the catering, confectionery, ice cream, bread-making and food industries, Irinox has always invested in continuous research and improvement of its technology, becoming the ideal partner of the most important food professionals and companies all over the world.

MultiFresh® is the only machine in the world that can run operating cycles with temperatures of +185°F to -40°F. You can blast chill, shock freeze, proof, thaw, regenerate, pasteurize and cook at low temperature.


For each type of food and each production process we have established the right temperature, the best ventilation and the ideal degree of humidity to ensure perfect quality.


MyA: simply touch

MyA is the new touch screen interface for MultiFresh® multi-function blast chillers that makes using the machine even easier and more intuitive.

  • The icons guide you through the numerous functions with a wide choice of cycles designed to preserve the fragrance, flavour and aroma of each item.

  • Full customization is possible only with MyA: it’s easy to vary the parameters for each cycle and create the ideal process for every product.

Icy’s blast chilling and shock freezing cycles are ultra rapid, preserving the fragrance, texture, colours and nutritional properties of food intact for much longer.


4 exclusive cycles for controlled quality

  • Two blast chilling cycles: delicate +37°F, suitable for products such as mousse, crèmes, fish, rice, vegetables and low density food in general; and strong +37°F, suitable for fatty, thick or packaged products such as meat, soups and sauces. 

  • Two shock freezing cycles: delicate -0°F divided into two stages, suitable for baked leavened products or bread; strong -0°F rapidly deep freezes medium-large cuts to 0°F at the core, with air temperature reaching -40°F. Also ideal for stabilizing the structure of ice cream.

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